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Crediteyes is a wholly domestic-funded enterprise to be engaged in enterprise credit investigation service with the qualification of enterprise credit agent registration in People's Bank of China. Since foundation, all the business activities are carried out in compliance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

TOP supplier in the field of Internet certification

Crediteyes is a Top credit service provider in the Internet A/V service field based on nearly 1,000 employees in online credit service center and offline field credit investigation team and own powerful IT system support. In Internet A/V service field, the key accounts are domestic leasing Internet companies, such as BATJ and others.

The best provider of credit reports in the field of credit insurance

Crediteyes has been founded for more than 18 years, accumulating rich credit investigation experience. As key accounts are credit insurance companies, we have abundance experience in credit insurance industry. For the supplied information from entrusting party, the professional analyst can provide verification and confirmation service and summarize findings into a credit report and give credit rating. The credit report prepared by Crediteyes is well recognized by customers at home and abroad.

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